The Equity Center staff give finance presentations and updates across the state each year.  We also provide FREE programs and school finance training around the state for superintendents, CFOs and school board members at local regional service centers, as well as Capitol briefings in Austin for legislators and legislative staff.  View our latest presentations below or contact us for specific training or program requests.


Equity Center Region 8 Presentation 6.14.22




Equity Center Region 5 Presentation 5.12.22



Equity Center TASA/TASB Presentation 9.24.21

EC Presentation Slide 1


Equity Center Region 12 Legislative Wrap-up Presentation 6.16.21

EC R12 Presentation Slide 1

Equity Center TASA Presentation 6.12.20: School Funding and the Future?

EC TASA Presentation Slide 1


Equity Center Midwinter Breakout Presentation (Tuesday) 1.28.20: Where to Now?

EC Midwinter Breakout Presentation Slide 1


Leo Lopez, TEA Midwinter Presentation (Sunday) 1.26.20: HB 3 Implementation

TEA Midwinter Presentation Slide 1


Equity Center Midwinter Presentation (Sunday) 1.26.20: HB 3...What Have We Done?

EC Midwinter Presentation Slide 1


Updated Facilities (I&S) Slides, Equity Center 01.31.20

facilities slide1


Region 8 ESC Presentation, Equity Center - 01.13.20



Region 11 ESC Presentation, Equity Center - 11.7.19



Region 15 ESC Presentation, Equity Center - 11.6.19



Region 10 ESC Presentation, Equity Center - 10.30.19



Longview Legislative Summit Presentation, Equity Center - 09.28.19



TASA/TASB Fall Presentation, Equity Center: "What Happened to..." - 09.20.19



Region 5 Post-Session Presentation, Equity Center - 09.11.19



Region 7 Post-Session Presentation, Equity Center - 09.04.19



Region 17 Post-Session Presentation, Equity Center - 08.28.19



Region 2 Post-Session Presentation, Equity Center - 08.21.19



Region 3 Post-Session Presentation, Equity Center - 07.31.19



Mary Hardin-Baylor Presentation, Equity Center - 07.10.19


Membership Meeting Presentation: Equity Gains Under HB 3 — 06.24.19

Membership Meeting Slide 1


Region 12 Summer Leadership Conference Presentation, Equity Center - 06.11.19



Equity in Education Midwinter Conference Presentation — 01.27.19

Equity in Education Slide


Super-Sized Solutions Presentation — 12.12.18

Super-Sized Solutions Slide


Super-Sized Problems Presentation — 12.06.18

Super-Sized Problems Slide



Overview of a school finance Plan 03.19.18

Overview of a school finance Plan 03.19.18