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School Spending Increases Linked to Better Outcomes for Poor Students

The Nation Bureau of Economic Research, or NBER, has published a working paper that shows when districts substantially increase their spending as a result of court ordered changes in school finance, low–income children were significantly more likely to graduate.

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2014-15 Membership Drive Membership Meeting

Over 400 school districts have renewed their membership for the 2014-15 school year. If you have not sent in your pledge, please do so today. You can fax it is 512.478.6433 or email it to info@equitycenter.org.

Surge in property tax bills spurs push to reform tax appraisal process

On a recent evening, more than 300 homeowners who are worried about their rising property tax bills filled First Unitarian Universalist Church in North Austin for a town hall meeting. If something doesn’t change, many said, they will soon be priced out of their homes. Read More

Decision In School Finance Trial Could Come Down This Week

It’s been close to six months since more than 600 school districts in Texas finished making their argument that the current school finance system in unconstitutional. 

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