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Stop dithering and fund schools properly

Austin American Stateman l Editorial Board

Now that state District Judge John Dietz has ruled that the Texas school financing system is unconstitutional, the Legislature should move expeditiously to craft a legal system worthy of the 5 million schoolchildren who depend on it. Our future as a state, too, depends on how successful Texas leaders are in carrying out that mandate.

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2014-15 Membership Drive Membership Meeting

Over 500 school districts have renewed their membership for the 2014-15 school year. If you have not sent in your pledge, please do so today. You can fax it is 512.478.6433 or email it to info@equitycenter.org.

Swelling Districts Find Costly Way to Grow Campuses
Texas Tribune — August 29, 2014

In 1994, the Leander school district had 7,200 students and was growing fast. To handle the hundreds of additional students expected in the coming year, the Central Texas district embarked on a building binge, including the construction of its sixth and seventh elementary schools. Read Full Story.

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Spring 2014

Money Matters

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