Over 600 school districts across Texas join the Equity Center each year. What makes our members so special? They recognize the necessity of having a strong, unified school finance organization to protect them as the state grapples with budget shortfalls, population growth, and rising expectations in education. Equity Center members play a vital role in the success of meeting these goals and ensuring an efficient and equitable school funding system for all Texas children and taxpayers.
As an Equity Center member, here are just a few of the benefits you receive:

  • District Services: we offer personalized district runs and information, including your District’s Profile, as well as personalized Q&A videos for a range of issues impacting your community such as bond elections, TREs and more
  • Videos: our real-time video updates get you up to speed in just a few minutes
  • Legislative Alerts: we send regular alerts during legislative sessions to keep you informed and ready for action
  • Conferences: attend our annual conferences and events for important information, legal tips, relevant speakers, and networking opportunities
  • School Finance Training: we offer a series of school finance training videos to watch at your own pace, as well as personalized school finance 101 we can deliver at your own district for superintendents, CFOs, board members or the community
  • Advocacy: our relationships with legislators open doors and lines of communication to better advocate for your students and taxpayers
  • Litigation: when necessary, our team provides litigation research, expert testimony, and live coverage of court proceedings

To view a list of full benefits, click here.

To find out more about becoming an Equity Center member, contact us today! 512-478-7313 or