Online Training: Layers of Knowledge

The Equity Center staff hosts a variety of programs across the State. We provide FREE programming and training for superintendents, school board members, and communities, in addition to elected officials and their staffs.

Layers of Knowledge: Online School Finance Training


SF:1 Overview of the Foundation School Program

>>Download: Part 1 PowerPoint

SF:2 Compressed Tax Rates, Calculating Taxes State & Local Share of Tier 1

>>Download: Part 2 PowerPoint

SF:3 The Starting Point (Basic Allotment)

>>Download: Part 3 PowerPoint

SF:4 District Weights I
Adjusting the Basic Allotment with the Cost of Education Index 

>>Download: Part 4 PowerPoint

SF: 5 District Weights II
Adjusting the Adjusted Basic Allotment (ABA) with the Small & Midsize District Adjustment

>>Download: Part 5 PowerPoint

SF: 6 Calculating the Tier 1 Regular Program Allotment

>>Download: Part 6 PowerPoint

SF:7 Calculating the Tier 1 Allotments for Compensatory, Bilingual, Gifted & Talented Education Allotments, & Public Education Grant (PEG)

>>Download: Part 7 PowerPoint

SF:8 Calculating the the Special Education Allotment

>>Download: Part 8 PowerPoint

SF:9 Calculating the Career & Technology Allotment

>>Download: Part 9 PowerPoint

SF:10 Calculating the High School Allotment

>>Download: Part 10 PowerPoint

SF:11 Calculating the New Instructional Facilities Allotment 

>>Download: Part 11 PowerPoint

SF:12 Calculating the Transportation Allotment

>>Download: Part 12 PowerPoint

SF:13 State & Local Shares of Tier 1

>>Download: Part 13 PowerPoint

More Coming Soon...