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The Equity Center staff presents programs across the state each year. We also provide FREE programs and training for superintendents and school board members at local regional service centers and at the Capitol for our state’s elected officials and their staffs.

We encourage you to review the recent presentations below and send us your comments. Equity Center members may explore additional presentations, data, and information by logging into the Member Center.


Published five times a year, our InDepth is designed specifically for Equity Center members by taking a closer look at issues in our public school finance system, in addition to providing expert analyses, and comprehensive reports. Members may access archived issues in the Member Center.

Money Does Matter
moneymattersPublished in 2011, our special Money Does Matters report is a call to action. The information provided in the report gives parents, grandparents, educators, business people, board members, media representatives, citizens in general, and policymakers the facts about how money matters in providing a quality education for all.

Money Still Matters
Published in 2013, Money Still Matters provokes your thoughts, brings you to conclusions about the importance of public education in a democratic society and brings focus to the many challenges that face Texans in our attempts to provide the educational opportunities each child of Texas deserves and needs to be both a good and contributing citizen of the state and competitive in the world wide economy and skills search they will face in this 21st century.

Layers of Knowledge: Online School Finance Training

Layers of Knowledge
Our Layers of Knowledge Series is the premier online training video series for Texas public school finance. Download the PowerPoints and follow along. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.


Public Presentations
We encourage you to explore our available presentations and send us your comments or questions.